Easy Romantic Desserts To Wow Your Date

If you’re cooking dinner for your date, you really want to make a romantic dessert. If you’re not an amateur gourmet, then you might think that it is impossible. Do you picture scenes of soufflés falling and the kitchen smoking? Don’t worry it’s easy to make a romantic dessert as long as you have a bit of patience and plan accordingly.

What Not To Make

You don’t want to try and make a big cake, or a sheet of brownies, or a pie. These are great for a party, or a multi-night dessert. But for a romantic dessert you should stick with simplicity. You want to make something that is easy to serve and has a simple, yet delicious flavor. A big slice of seven layer cake is amazing and delicious, but not what you should plan out. Also, you don’t want to be slicing big slices of a pie.

Make It Ahead

This is the one reason I don’t like soufflés. Unless you are an expert cook, or at least someone who is comfortable with baking, you don’t want to try a soufflé. While you can prep some of it ahead of time, you will have to bake it during dinner. This will have you up and down from the table. The only consideration is if you have a small apartment and your kitchen table is situated right against an open kitchen (like you see in many studio apartments), then you can attempt it without running in and out of rooms.

If you prefer a plan ahead, not worry romantic dessert, then I would go with one of these.

Chocolate Mousse

A dark chocolate mousse is super sexy, easy to make, and you can make it the night before. The mousse can be made in a double boiler and then served in anything from a martini glass, small ramekins, or something else small.

There are lots of different ways to make a chocolate mousse. Some people add a liquor such as Grand Marnier, or even coffee flavored liqueur such as kahlua.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Torte

A flourless cake adorned with raspberries is a great dessert. These are cake like, but denser and smaller. You don’t frost a torte like you would a big layer cake. You can glaze it with a chocolate ganache, but a great, simple and sexy alternative would be to serve it with a small dusting of either confection sugar or raspberries. You can make this ahead of time, slice it before dinner and adorn it with the raspberries and then take it out when you are ready.

Chocolate Truffles

These are as pure as a dessert you can make. They are also truly sexy and very romantic. You make them by creating a ganache and then forming small balls. You can make the ganache with different flavors, but it’s best to keep the chocolate dark and not milk. Dark chocolate holds better when it comes to sitting at room temperature. You should make them the night before and then take them out a bit before dessert so that they are not icebox cold, but also don’t melt. Chocolate is a super aphrodisiac, so these are perfect.