Best Chocolate Cake For Birthday Parties

If you’re getting ready to bake a chocolate cake for a birthday party, then you probably are looking for some delicious recipes. The wonderful thing about chocolate birthday cakes is that there are so many variations. You can make a yummy, classic frosted cake for a kids birthday party or you can make a sophisticated chocolate torte for a romantic birthday dinner. Below is a list of some delicious chocolate cakes that you might want to make. There are also some suggestions as to what type of birthday party, event they are best for.

Devils Food Cake With Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

Devils food cake is a super fun cake because it showcases the flavor of chocolate so well. It’s dense, but not heavy. It’s sort of the opposite from an Angels Food cake, which is very airy and light and has an almost cotton candy like texture thanks to all of those whipped egg whites. Devils food chocolate cake, on the other hand, is dense and moist and has an incredibly color. It’s much darker than a regular chocolate sheet cake. You will often use a rich chocolate frosting such as a dark chocolate and sour cream frosting.

These are great for small family parties. Age doesn’t matter much with this one because kids and adults will love this cake equally.

Chocolate Layer Cake With Mocha Butter Cream

 If you want to present a pretty cake, that looks super amazing when it’s presented on a platter, then you should make a chocolate layer cake. If you’ve never baked a cake before, then it can be a tiny bit intimidating, but don’t let that scare you. What you are going to be doing is baking several thin chocolate cakes and then letting the cake cool on a rack. Then, when it’s cooled down, you will frost them and stack them together. You might see fancy layer cakes in bakeries and restaurants that have 7 or more layers, but you don’t have to go this high. Three or four layers is fine. If you don’t have multiple cake pans, and don’t want to spend loads of time baking several thin cakes, you can always use a serrated knife to cut one thick cake into thin slices. This part is tricky, so make sure you don’t wait until the night before to try this technique. You should test it out on a box cake mix ahead of time so you will get the feel for vertically slicing cake.

The Mocha buttercream frosting is a nice counterpoint to the chocolate cake. You can make a Swiss meringue buttercream, or you can find a recipe for a classic American buttecream. The mocha flavor can be incorporated into the frosting by adding melted dark chocolate and espresso powder.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake

If you’re planning a big birthday party for your kid and need a big cake for all of the guests, then nothing beats an old-fashioned chocolate layer cake. These are great for parties where there are lots of guests. The cakes are big, delicious, and not too tricky to make. You can get one of those disposable aluminum baking tins and serve the cake right out of it. While you might be tempted to buy the cake from the supermarket, it’s really simple to bake it yourself.

You can make a simple American style buttercream, or a whipped chocolate cream (sort of a chantilly cream—melted chocolate and whipped cream) or a chocolate and sour cream frosting. You probably don’t want to make a ganache since they work best with smaller cakes. And since you’re going to be decorating the cake you want a frosting that will hold up. A nice chilled sour cream and chocolate that you spread on and then write on with the colored frosting would be super fun and easy.

Simple Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Ganache

If you’re planning a nice sit down birthday dinner, and want a nice chocolate cake to serve at the end as a beautiful dessert, then choose a chocolate cake with ganache frosting. You should bake a chocolate cake (pick your favorite recipe) and then let it cool and frost it with ganache. You can either make a silky smooth ganache with dark chocolate and cream, or make a thicker ganache by letting the chocolate and cream mixture cool down a bit and then whipping it up with an immersion blender. If you add some of the cooled down, whipped ganache to a piping bag, then you can add decorate little chocolate designs such as flowers and stars to the top of the cake.

Flourless Chocolate Torte

If you’re planning a romantic birthday dinner for two, then you should make a sexy chocolate torte. There’s no need to make a big heavy chocolate cake with lots of buttercream frosting for just two people. A flourless chocolate torte will be decadent, luxurious, and delicious without being too heavy. You can make it in a small torte pan and serve it on a single place on the dinner table. A nice way to decorate it would be to just use a few fresh raspberries. If you want to get fancy you could use a raspberry sauce. That is really simple to make. All you have to do is buy a pint of fresh raspberries and wash them, then take half of them and heat them in a saucepan with some sugar and water. Let them break down and then press them through a metal mesh screen. You can then drizzle this raspberry sauce around the plate to make it really beautiful.