Gifts For A Baking Enthusiast

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member who is a baking enthusiast, then you know exactly the right type of gift to get. Bakers love to make things:cakes, pies, tarts, scones, breads. And they love nothing more than gadgets and awesome kitchen appliances that can help them accomplish this. It’s like a person who is really into cars or do-it-yourself stuff around the house, except instead of drills and socket sets, and power tools, you are going to want to get them stuff that helps make delicious apple pies, turnovers, cookies, breads, and other baked good.

Don’t worry if you’re not too famaliair with what goes on in the kitchen. Maybe you’re a dude who loves eating chocolate cake, but don’t know what goes on to make it. Or maybe your boyfriend is an amateur gourmet chef, and he cooks for you all the time, and you can’t boil water! No sweat, this article is going to breakdown the best gifts for a baking enthusiast, what someone who loves to bake will want. Little things, like pie birds (not a real bird–it’s a little ceramic thing that keeps the top of the pie from falling down!) to fun little tartlet pans, to larger items such as super fast food processors or blenders that will make baking super easy and also fun.

So, let’s get started.


Pie Birds, Pie Tents, Pie Vents

If your friend loves to bake pies, then this is a super fun and inexpensive gift. So, if you’re looking for a fun, cheap little present to buy, then this is idea. The idea behind the pie vent is that it will let steam escape the pie without making the crust soggy. So, you end up with a really crisp and flaky crust. It’s also used to prevent the pie crust from falling down completely and collapsing into the pie. It is both practical and showy. So, if your friend is really into making showy pies for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or just special dinners, this is perfect. Here are a few ideas. Most are bird designs, but there are others such as this fun little rooster.

This is a red stoneware bird. The dish is sold separately.






Ceramic Pie Vents (Rooster, Ducks, Fruit Designs)

Here’s a selection of pie vents that come in a variety of designs. You can also get an idea of what the finished pie will look like. You will see the pie bird peaking out, so it’s not a risk that you will cut into the pie not seeing the bird.












Tartlet Pans

Many people who are baking enthusiasts will have a big quiche pan or pie dish, but they might not have a set of tartlet pans. So they will love this as a gift. Tartlets are very pretty and fun to bake and serve. If they are throwing an elegant dinner party, then they will love the tartlets so that each guest can have their own dessert.

Here’s an example of an individual little apple pie tart. Your friend can also make cream tartlets ala the classic French pastries.











A Food Processor (For Pie Crusts and Fillings)

A food processor is crucial for anyone who wants to make really excellent pie crust. In case you don’t bake, here’s why you need a food processor. The way pie crusts are made is by cutting in a fat (butter, or Crisco) with flour. You want to create tiny little sand like texture. Then add a bit of ice water. In the old days, fat was cut into flour using forks or a special cutting tool. However, it was super difficult and was also messy. A food processor makes the process much faster, and more efficient. The little tiny bits of butter and flour will turn out perfectly and the pie will be flaky.

This one is a a decent size. The really big food processors might take up too much space. This one can be fit comfortably in a small kitchen, and they will wash up and store away easily if your friend doesn’t want to keep it out all the time.








Culinary Torch and Ramekins For Creme Brulee

One of the coolest desserts that you can make is creme brulee. It’s a cooked custard that has a caramel topping that is made by torching sugar. Here’s a super quick video. Notice the nice crisp caramel topping.














A set of porcelain ramekins. They will need these to make the small size servings of creme brulee. You don’t have to get them a baking dish, because they will likely have one. They can even use a casserole dish to make the creme brulee. The idea is to keep the ramekins surrounded by water. The set up is called a baine marie.











Pastry Brushes

Pastry brushes are essential for getting that beautiful golden color on baked pies. A pie that has not been brushed with a butter, cream, or egg wash won’t have a nice color. And bakers love their pies to look good. So, they need to use pastry brushes. These are always a great gift. You don’t even need to worry if your friend already has a set because these brushes are always desirable. These brushes need to be replaced after a while so your friend will love a new set.

The one thing you want to avoid are the brushes that are ingested specifically for BBQ because the bristles will be a bit too wide set for pastry use. Wide bristles are designed for applying marinade and BBQ sauce, not delicate egg washes. Here’s a good pick for your baking enthusiast friend so their pies will turn out excellent. This design from Oxo has a nice bristle design that is excellent for baking and pastry cooking.











Cake Decorating Tips: Pipe Nice Designs With Buttercream

If you’re friend loves to bake cakes, then these are an awesome gift. They are indispensable for making bakery style buttercream designs. You slip the pipe tip into different pastry bags, and then pipe out all sorts of beautiful designs. You can get seperate piping pastry bags (cloth, or disposable plastic) to give them as well.