Cuban Chocolate Desserts To Enjoy This Holiday Season

If you love chocolate, and also love Cuban food, then you should consider making one of Cubas great desserts. While you might have heard about tres leches cake, or flan, or maybe pasteliloos filled with pineapple or fruits like guava, there are two really nice chocolate desserts to consider making. One of the desserts is a really nice mix of coconut and dark chocolate, while the other is a chocolate mousse spin on the

Turron de Coco

Turron de Coco is a really cool Cuban dessert that features chocolate and coconut. It’s similar to a really luxury mounds bar. It’s made by combining shredded coconut, butter, some orange zest, and sweetened milk. Then the mixture is pressed and chilled. Finally, it is covered in a dark chocolate ganache. Here’s a great recipe. You can make it with only some shredded coconut, dark chocolate, condensed sweetened milk, orange, vanilla, a baking pan, and some parchment paper.


These are called cuban pastries, and they are popular all over Miami. Most of the time you will see them with a fruit spread, but they are also made with savory fillings, as well as with chocolate. The chocolate fillings are not as common, but if you are down to making them yourself, they are really delicious. You will need to get a pack of puff pastry and then make a chocolate mousse filling. The mousse filling can be either a real mousse (made with chocolate, egg yolks, sugar, and milk) or you can make a light chocolate ganache. Either way, you want somethig smooth, creamy, and rich, not dense. So, don’t just stick a chocolate bar in the middle of a sheet of puff pastry and think that you will get results.


Cuban Hot Chocolate

Finally, there is the awesome Cuban version of a hot chocolate. Simply amazing. You can pair them with churros. If you don’t like churros, which are like donuts, you can pair them with simple coconut cookies, or even the coconut and chocolate dessert mentioned above. One of the popular spices is cinnamon. This is similar to the Mexican hot chocolate, but it’s not quite as strong. With Mexican hot chocolate, you will find those little bricks that are very , very cinnamony. That’s not quite what you get with Cuban hot chocolate.