Best Christmas Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

If you know someone who loves chocolate, then you have lots of options. You can either get them actual chocolate, or you can get them something chocolate related, something such as baking equipment that will help them make chocolate cakes, cookies, tarts, or even chocolate truffles. And of course, don’t forget really great chocolate cookbooks. So I have picked out some great chocolate gift ideas.


First up are some great Christmas gifts for chocolate fans who you think would like actual chocolate. Either chocolate truffles, Christmas themed chocolates, or some other sweet confection.


Chocolate Truffles From Godiva


A really awesome Christmas gift for chocolate lovers. Godiva makes some of the finest chocolate in the world. This set is a delicious and beautiful looking assortment of chocolate truffles.






Belgian Chocolate

If you think they would like a nice gift of Belgian chocolate, then Leonidas is a great pick. They make elegant and delicious chocolate.








Chocolate Cookbooks

This book is really, really, special. It’s for die hard chocolate fans. Keep in mind, it’s not a “beginners” book. It’s meant for people who are already amateur cooks. It’s not something you would give someone who is not already comfortable cooking in the kitchen.







This is another really great chocolate book. It’s mainly centered on chocolates and candies, not so much pies, tarts and cakes.









A Chocolate Tart Pan


If someone loves to bake with chocolate, then they will love a tart pan. These are indispensable for making chocolate tarts. With few exceptions (such as the classic chocolate cream pie) you will need to use a tart pan. If you wish, you can even get tartlet pans to go along with the larger pat. This can be used to make smaller little chocolate tarts.