Three Best Flavors For Chocolate Truffles

While it’s true that sometimes noting beats a regular chocolate truffle, a plain dark chocolate ganache center, dusted with cocoa powder or perhaps covered in temperatd chocolate, other times you want something a bit more intense. Maybe you want a pairing between the dark chocolate and another flavor. If so, then there are a few nice flavor combinations to consider. Some flavorings don’t go well together. For instance, vanilla is a nice subtle note with chocolate, often it’s used when making dark chocolate bars, but too much vanilla would cause a clash and not taste great. However, there are some strong flavor combos (lemon and chocolate, chili and chocolate) that are really standout. However, it can be tricky to mix lemon with chocolate when you’re making truffles, it’s better suited for making a chocolate and lemon style cake. But if you’re looking to make chocolate truffles with something that will complement the flavor of the chocolate, then you should pick one of the great flavors below.



Raspberry is one of the best flavors to combine with chocolate. The tartness of the raspberry works wonderfully with the dark richness of the chocolate. If you’re going to make raspberry truffles you should either use fresh raspberries and puree them yourself, or use a raspberry jam such as Bon Maman that is only made using raspberries and sugar. You don’t want to use one of the raspberry jams that have peach juice, or something else. These won’t have the strong flavor. You want to use the pure raspberry jam and not reduce it. It’s already been reduced. Just add a bit of the am to the ganache centers when your getting ready to cool them.

If you prefer to use fresh raspberries, then you are going to have to cook them down. This requires you to get a saucepan and use some granulated sugar. It’s actually pretty easy to do. What you need is to wash the raspberries. Then in a saucepan cook them down with some sugar. After they are all cooked down, you will need to push them through a mesh sieve in order to remove any seeds and pulp. You want just the sweet raspberry sauce.


Grand Marnier

Orange is fantastic flavor to match with chocolate. You don’t want to use orange zest, as it’s a bit to strong. The peel of citrus fruit is a bit too extreme for chocolate truffles. They work well in cakes because they flavor the batter, but when you’re dealing with a simple truffle recipe you should steer clear of


Brandy is another great great flavoring. It’s one of the popular spirits (the other being whiskey) that works so well with chocolate. A popular brandy truffle is made using butter. Alton Brown has a nice recipe. He uses corn syrup, which I tend to avoid, but nevertheless it’s a good recipe.


When someone mentions salt and truffles, they are talking about kosher salt and not fine granulated salt. You don’t want the salt to turn the entire truffle salty. Instead, what you want a crystals  of salt that will bring out the sweetness and complex flavor of the chocolate. You are only going to be able to mix chocolate and salt with tempered truffles. It won’t work with dusted chocolate truffles. The method involves dipping the cooling tempered chocolate onto a plate with a scattering of rock salt, or strategically playing salt onto the enrobbed chocolate truffles.