Chocolate And Fat Loss

If you’re crazy about chocolate truffles, or chocolate cake, cookies, or anything else really, then you probably get really bummed out when it comes time to diet. That’s because most people think chocolate=fat. Now, technically chocolate has fat, but it doesn’t necessarily make you fat. The basic key to losing weight is to maintain a caloric deficit. So, really you could lose weight and lose fat and do nothing but eat chocolate. Of course, you couldn’t eat much chocolate because it is high in calories, and your diet would be lacking in nutrients–even though chocolate is healthy— but you would lose weight.

A better plan of action is to choose to eat chocolate in moderation. It would also be wise to pick desserts that are not super calorie dense. For instance, do you want a chocolate cake that is 1000 calories a slice, or one that is only two hundred or so. Obviously you know the answer. There are some tricks such as choosing a frosting that is not going to add up tons of excess fat and calories. While buttercream is delicious, it’s also super rich in calories. You can also look at healthy alternatives to white flour.

Some people have great recipes of almond flour. This is a great alternative to regular white flour because it has protein and not only makes the cake healthier, it also will make a very nice texture. You might look for some recipes that include healthy dessert recipes using dark chocolate. While everyone loves Julia Child cakes, and Martha Stewart pies and tarts, they are not designed for people on a diet. They are fine if you’re going to have one slice, once a week, but if you are like me and want to have dessert every night, you really should find recipes that detail how to make delicious recipes and make them less calorie dense.

Of course, you should also not forget exercise. While you don’t lose weight primarily by exercising (you lose weight by reducing your calories) it does help in numerous other ways. First, it can curb your appetite. If you go for a long run or a walk before dinner, you won’t be as hungry. There are some exceptions (if you really tire yourself out and haven’t eaten the entire day then you might be starving and eat too much, so a snack before exercise is sometimes helpful.  Something small such as walnuts or almonds and dark chocolate.