Best Chocolate Cupcakes In New York City

Do you love cupcakes? Are you going to be visiting New York City soon? Well then, make sure to make time to visit some of the cities best bakeries. You would be amazed at how popular cupcakes are. It’s not the height of cupcake mania anymore, but there are still lots of gorgeous little bakeries in New York City that specialize in rich, super chocolate cupcakes.


Upper East Side: Two Little Red Hens

This spot is a favoriate for locales. It’s not super expensive, and if you’re planning on spending time on the Upper East Side and looking at the Museums, then you should definitely hit this space up. It’s located at 86th street near second ave. You can read the Yelp reviews here. And check out their website here. One of their most popular chocolate cupcakes is the Brooklyn Blackout.


West Village: Amys Bread

This is a cool spot to stop when you’re in the West Village. It’s not just a cupcake and cake bakery, they have bread (of course) plus lots of other tasty treats such as scones and muffins. Chocolate fanatics will love their devils food cupcake.  You can see their whole menu here.


West Village : Magnolia

You have got to make a stop at the Blecker Street original. This is the place that started the cupcake craze. You definitely deserve to make a stop there. The original chocolate cupcake is a classic, but they also have a really nice Black and White cupcake. If you can’t make it to the original Blecker Street location, they do have spots in midtown.

West Village: Mollys

Another great cupcake spot in the West Village. Molly‘s has a bunch of locations (including in Chicago). The one you will be looking at is located on Blecker street. They have a delicious chocolate mousse cupcake for fans of over-the-top chocolate.