Valentines Day Gifts For Him: Sexy, Romantic, Awesome!

Most women love flowers and chocolate for valentines day, but when it comes to getting a gift for your boyfriend, you might want to choose a different sort of Valentines day gift for him. Of course most men (most people!) love chocolate, so that’s definitely going to be on the list. However, not all guys like flowers. So if you’re looking for a gift for him besides chocolate or to go along with the classic romantic Valentines Day chocolate, then here are a few ideas.


First Stop Chocolate!

Chocolate is a definite must for Valentines Day. Guys love chocolate. However, you might want to get a different type of chocolate. Guys tend to get women the chocolates in a heart shaped box. Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting a guy chocolates in a heart shaped box, but if your guy is not into that sort of stuff, then here are some alternatives.


Chocolate With Liquor

This first set is really cool. The chocolates are shaped like tiny liquor bottles. The chocolates are mare with different liquors. For instance, there is a Dom Perignon, Kahlua, Southern Comfort, a bunch of liqueurs like Chambord, Cointreau, and Drambuie. Plus there’s a Vodka—Stoli, and Jack Daniels. This is great for guys who like trying out different liquors.





Chocolate Truffles Made With Authentic Moonshine

These are dark chocolate truffles that are made with Kentucky moonshine. Unlike the chocolate liquor bottles featured up top, these are truffles. They are rich and indulgent. They come in a mason jar and are really awesome. If your guy is a fan of Kentucky bourbon and likes dark chocolate, then this is definitely the pick for him. They are rustic but also really well made—true artisan chocolates.




The Man Can: A Bath And Body Set He Will Love

This one’s definitely designed for guys. It’s got all sorts of amazing skin care products that he might not get for himself.

There is a shave gel, a run oil, a beautiful hand butter, a scrub and it’s all packed in a paint can. Some people said that they were able to put it together cheaper by getting the individual products, but I think this is really better for a gift. First, you don’t have to go around selecting the different products, also, you get this cool packaging. A fun paint can!








A Classic Shaving Set

This one’s for guys who are into shaving and don’t have a classic razor. These are not only really great for getting a close, clean shave, but they look stylish. While you might think that disposable razors are cheaper, consider that they have to be tossed out.

These classic style razors are forever—only the blades are disposable. So, if you and your guy are into a green environment that’s another plus. You will eliminate all that plastic waste. This set will get him started off right. It gives him the razor, the blades, the stand to hold the razor, a badger brush for the soap, a bowl for the shave soap, as well as shaving soap.

The only things he will need to get for this razor in the future is small replacement blades that go into the handle—you can get them really cheap online at Amazon—and shave soap. If he doesn’t like the soap, he can choose another soap later or go back to gel or cream.